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Creating Moments Of Joy Presentation Series

Jolene's passion is to change society’s attitude toward aging by inspiring minds, rejuvenating spirits, and empowering people to make a difference in the way we care for our elders.  These programs, also available on a training dvd, can be presented individually or combined.  

Conference Speaker fees (per day): $3000 plus travel and expenses 

Keynote: "Creating Moments of Joy"

In this presentation, you’ll be sure to see the vision. A vision that we will soon look beyond the challenges of Alzheimer’s disease and focus more of our energy on creating moments of joy. It’s impossible to create a perfectly wonderful day, but you can create perfectly wonderful moments. Catch Jolene's energy and obtain fun, simple ways to bring joy and hope into everyday.

"Memory Enhanced Activity"

Even though we cannot give those with Alzheimer’s back their memories, we can give them an experience that triggers their memory. They may not understand what you are saying, but they are more likely to understand what they see, touch, smell, and hear. Learn ways to trigger memories by giving them their “stuff” back. It’s not about the big things we do. It’s about the simple pleasures we share everyday.

"Enhanced Dining"

Mealtimes are often the highlight of the day, yet they can be the most stressful times, too. This idea-packed presentation shares activities, verbal, and visual cues to trigger the dining experience. Find out the many reasons why a person may not be eating and gain solutions to enhance mealtimes. This presentation will help you restore the pleasure of dining to those who need it most.

"Family Moments"

Families have the knowledge to build a bridge between the care provider, and the person with Alzheimer’s. Families can share missing details, create links to a person’s mind, and assist in giving back their greatness. This will educate families how to move, what to move, how to visit, and what to expect. Helping families understand dementia and how to apply that knowledge.

"It's Saturday Night"

There are understandable reasons why people with dementia do not like the bathing process. In this presentation, Jolene addresses those reasons to helps spark a new understanding. Answering the questions of when, where, and how people have always taken a bath, will offer more familiarity – and comfort – during the bathing process. 

"Creating a Safe Haven"

Discover how to address physical changes that will enable the person’s independence and decrease disorientation; such as paint colors, flooring, and space planning. By adding significant, familiar items, we can create stimulating journeys down a hallway, safe havens within their rooms, and make common areas look, feel, and smell like a kitchen, a living room, or a dining room from their childhood. 

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