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May 31, 2018

Creating the Environment

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Let's chat about paint colors, flooring, and space planning. By adding significant, familiar items, we can create stimulating journeys down a hallway, safe havens within their rooms, and make common areas look, feel, and smell like a kitchen, a living room, or a dining room from their childhood. 


Ask away! And please post pictures and videos of spaces you've created!

Jun 2, 2018

When we moved Mom from her home of 62 years to a facility 400 miles away but near us, we moved her bedroom furniture and set up her new "apartment" just like her room at home (including her bedroom draperies). Worked fabulously. When she would become confused about where she was we could say, "this is your apartment, see all your things are here". After looking about the room, she would be calm and peaceful.